Are Twin Flames Rare?

As you find out more about Twin Flames, two people with one shared soul, irrevocably bonded with the capacity to achieve an unrivaled spiritual unity, it is likely that you will become excited about finding out whether you have or could possibly have a Twin Flame of your own out there.

Unfortunately, a Twin Flame journey in your lifetime is not guaranteed. In fact, it appears rare. This could be for a number of reasons, even if your Twin Flame is out there, life events beyond your control could contribute to you not linking up. Even if everything does align it does require you to find one person in the whole population of the world!

Don’t be too disheartened though, if your Twin Flame is out there, the universe is conspiring to bring you together as long as it is the best thing for you both. There are amazing stories of Twin Flames being pulled together across distance, age, social, and religious barriers.

Whether everyone even has a Twin Flame out there is still up for debate but what we can say is that a Twin Flame is the only person in the whole world that can share your soul. This means finding them and being open to the journey is very rare.

Does Everyone Have a Twin Flame?

Effectively the jury is still out on this one. As with many aspects of spiritual matters, it is not as simple as running a scientific test. Unlike biological twins, there is no blood or genetic testing that can be used to confirm or deny your Twin Flame or indeed help in finding them. This means there is no hard and fast consensus on whether everyone does or does not have a Twin Flame out there.

The belief that not everyone has a Twin Flame

Some people will say that the phenomena of Twin Flames, where one soul is shared in two distinct human beings, is rare and only occurs in a very small proportion of people. Their evidence for this is that relatively small numbers of people describe the feelings of longing, union, separation, and reunion associated with Twin Flame journeys.

They are of the belief that the Twin Flame journey is so intense and transformational, so if everyone went through it, they would definitely know about it so it can’t be for everyone.

The belief that everyone has a Twin Flame

There is another school of thought that suggests perhaps all of us do have Twin Flames somewhere. You may wonder though, if this is the case then why is it not more widely discussed, why are there not whole apps or websites dedicated to helping us find our missing soul sibling?

Those that believe everyone does have a Twin Flame would counter that many people are just not familiar with the terminology and instead find their Twin Flame and relate it to a more intense friendship relationship or even their life partners.

There is also the argument that we only can find our Twin Flame when we are open and receptive to it.  Many people, especially in modern life, move through their paths with less connection to their spiritual side. Experiences of trauma or individual challenges mean although your Twin Flame might be out there, you may never be in a position to fully realize the relationship.

Perhaps a better question is “Is it rare to find your Twin Flame?” We don’t know for certain that everyone has one. However, the relatively limited information and reported Twin Flame journeys in relation to the population suggest finding yours (if they are out there) is very rare.

Are Twin Flames Rarer than Soulmates?

It can be confusing when some people incorrectly refer to Twin Flames as soulmates, they are in fact, fundamentally different.

A soulmate is another individual who you come across in your lifetime. They appear ideally suited to be your close companion. This is normally a result of shared beliefs, likes, and dislikes. There is no shared soul however in soulmates, this means you have the potential to encounter many soulmates over a lifetime.

Your soulmate is your person, the one who makes you feel safe and the one you turn to when you need a listening ear and understanding. Many people often associate this with their romantic partner or spouse but soulmates can often be platonic too. Think of that long term friendship that may have outlasted romantic partners.

As a soulmate is about finding someone who rubs along nicely with your personal traits, there is more chance of finding kindred spirits within the vast population on earth. Twin Flames by comparison are rarer as they are only one person, the other half of your soul.

How Many Twin Flames does a Person Have?

Unlike soulmates, you can have only one true Twin Flame.  It is rare for a soul to be split between two people and does not appear possible for it to be split any further.

While soulmates are people who may cross your path in normal life, your Twin Flame is literally a piece of your soul’s being. This is the reason that you are indescribably pulled toward each other. A bond of that intensity can only truly happen with one other person in your lifetime.

What is the Real Purpose of Twin Flames?

 At the core of all Twin Flame journeys are the over-arching principles that two halves of the same soul need to be reunited. This has further reaching implications for not only the Twin Flames themselves but those around them.

A Twin Flame journey facilitates unrivaled spiritual growth and development in each partner. Once an established union is achieved this improves your life immeasurably.  This creates a relationship bound by unconditional love not only for your Twin Flame but opens your heart to love those around you better. A Twin Flame partnership exudes light, love, and happiness which touches those around them.

Twin flames benefit from an extraordinary level of spiritual insight once they reach true union, this opens both parties up to greater possibilities. This can be demonstrated by increased creativity, greater acts of giving, and the capacity to support others. This provides benefits far beyond the partnership itself.

 Should you Marry your Twin Flame

On paper finding the literal, other half of your own soul, sounds like a no-brainer for getting married however this is not always the case.

Exact numbers on how many Twin Flames become married and how many do not are not easy to gather given the rarity of reporting around Twin Flame phenomena. 

Benefits of Twin Flame marriage

Twin Flames who have taken part in a marriage or joining ceremony have discussed why they chose this. Many discussed that the shared interests, soul connection, and unconditional love forms a great base for a union.

Not all Twin Flames find themselves physically or romantically attracted to each other. However, in the event they do, there is the potential for unrivaled connectivity. Understanding each other so fully allows for a discrete understanding of each other’s wants, needs, and desires.

Challenges of Twin Flame marriage

Marriage is very much a social construct while Twin Flames exist in terms of spirituality. Some Twin Flames may find the concept of marriage stifling to their growth, acting as a barrier to periods of separation and re-union which may be required as part of their own unique journey.

There are practical barriers that often occur in Twin Flame paths. Each Twin Flame will have lived an individual life before finding each other, this means there can be pre-existing relationships/spouses. Equally, there may be significant age differences that could impact a marriage match. In some cases, you may have an intense spiritual connection but feel no romantic or physical attraction. There are also instances of Twin Flames being of the same gender and neither partner having this preference in a romantic partner.