Can You Lose Feelings For Your Twin Flame?

We have discussed throughout our series on the spiritual phenomena of Twin Flames, about how finding your twin flame can be a life-defining moment. It seems completely at odds end to think that following this joyous, once-in-a-lifetime connection that one or both of you may experience a reduction or even loss of interest/feeling for each other.

Human beings and relationships are complex though and Twin Flame relationships are no exception. Read on to understand just why this might happen and what can be done about it, if anything.

The strength of bond and connectivity in a twin flame relationship is subject to fluctuation due to a number of factors. At some point, one or both partners can lose interest or actively reject their Twin Flame. While upsetting this is a necessary part of the twin flame journey.

Is it normal to lose interest in your Twin Flame?

While the concept of Twin Flames, finding the other half of your soul, sounds idyllic, in reality, twin flame or not, both partners are human and humans are complex. Just because you share an undeniably cosmic link this doesn’t mean that emotions, connections, and feelings can’t wax and wane over time.

Although it may feel disconcerting or even upsetting, the fact that your Twin Flame may be pulling away is not an uncommon event in the Twin Flame journey. There can be a plethora of reasons for this shift and some are completely beyond your control and may be more associated with the challenges your twin flame is encountering.

While your initial gut response may be to hang on even tighter to your Twin Flame, this can actually worsen the situation by making them feel smothered. It is easier said than done, but in these episodes of distancing, you can take solace in the fact that even when separated the twin flame bond remains, meaning there is always the potential to return to a more united position in the future.

What does it mean when you can’t feel your Twin Flame anymore?

While the bond remains even when you are your Twin Flame are parted, some of the associated feelings may diminish over time. In the early stages of a Twin Flame journey, partners may feel an inexplicable pull to each other. Once physically united they may quickly synchronize and be particularly susceptible to detecting any shifts in their twin flame’s mood or emotion.

This skill can strengthen over time and allow you to radiate or send thoughts and emotional energy to your Twin Flame even when you are physically apart. Many report being aware of the sensation that the other is thinking of them.

This synchronicity can be one of the most disconcerting feelings to lose should you and your Twin Flame experience a period of turbulence in your relationship. The most common reason that you can no longer feel your Twin Flame is that your counterpart is actively “blocking” or “suppressing” the connection. This normally occurs when one party is seeking to work on themselves or create distance from their role as a Twin Flame partner.

In some instances, you may no longer feel your Twin Flame connection as the other person may have passed on, however, given the spiritual nature of the connection, some Twin Flames who have been physically separated by death report continuing to feel their Twin Flame with them.

What is it like to lose your Twin Flame?

The overwhelming consensus is that being parted from your Twin Flame physically and spiritually is not a pleasant experience. Even if you are the Twin Flame who has actively rejected your partner and are seeking to suppress the bond the process can be emotionally challenging.

Thoughts, feelings, and the innate pull to each other do not disappear overnight and take a concerted effort. For the Twin Flame left behind, they may experience feelings of loss, emptiness, abandonment, and anger.

While many Twin Flames often reunite and continue their journey, the intervening months or years can be frustrating. Many refer to it as losing a piece of themselves. Feelings of loss appear most acute in the earliest stages while over time individuals may become somewhat self-reliant again. Many advise that even years into a break, many can be interrupted by daily thoughts of their Twin Flames and lingering sensations that things are “unfinished” or they are “incomplete”.

How do you know if you’re feeling your Twin Flame feelings?

As already mentioned, even after periods of separation, the universe can tug two Twin Flames back together. As one or both parties open their minds to reconnection previous synchronicity can return. There are many indications that you are once again feeling your Twin Flame.

  • You think about them more without sadness

While you may feel loss or longing about your Twin Flame should they have rejected you, a sign your Twin Flame may be open to reconciliation is when you begin to have thoughts of them that are more pleasant or loving. This is a result of them exuding positive thoughts about you again and they are beginning to open up once more.

  • You feel inexplicably joyful or excited

A sign that you are tuning into your Twin Flames frequency again can be characterized by unexpected feelings of joy, hope, or excitement. It is a cosmic indicator that you are both on the path back to one another which makes both your souls happy.

  • Feeling drawn to places

This may be an out-of-the-blue feeling that you must visit a location such as a park, café, or town. This is the spiritual bond strengthening to conspire to have your Twin Flame once again in the same place, to allow your paths to cross and begin to restore your bond.

What brings your Twin Flame back?

There is no magic solution to prompt your Twin Flame’s return, ultimately it is about putting trust in them that they will be drawn back to you when the time is right.

  • Patience

It is easier said than done but part of supporting your Twin Flame is recognizing they may need to reject you for a time in order to go away and work on themselves. Although it feels upsetting this is a positive sign that they are growing and learning and will return to the relationship changed in a way that they may be able to fully commit and ultimately improve things.

  • Love

Continuing to send out positive, loving, and accepting thoughts to your Twin Flame, even when you do not feel connected ensures that when they are ready to re-engage they feel reassured and in a safe situation to return.

  • Working on yourself while they are gone

Just as your Twin Flame will be developing and changing in your absence, you too should take the opportunity for some spiritual self-examination. Twin Flames relationships can quickly become unhelpfully co-dependent if one or both parties lack spiritual maturity. Making yourself the best, strongest, and most fulfilled version of yourself makes for more even partnerships. In the worst-case scenario that the relationship does not rekindle, that doesn’t mean you can’t take the learning and experience with you into the future.