Do Twin Flames Separate and Come Back?

We have all experienced the end of a relationship, be it friendship or romantic, the emotional upheaval is a lot. Now imagine how much worse those feelings would be if spiritually that person truly felt like a part of your being, your missing puzzle piece, your kindred spirit?

In this article, we are continuing our study of the spiritual concept of twin flames and in particular looking at whether they experience periods of separation if so why, and how long this can last.

The twin flame journey is often emotionally and spiritually challenging. This can and does lead to periods of separation which can range from months to as long as decades. In extreme cases, twin flames may not reunite. However, in most cases, the spiritual pull is just too strong.

How Long will Twin Separation Last?

The twin flame separation phase is one of the most painful times that anyone can experience. When we consider that, by definition, twin flames are described as one soul split across two bodies, being without this other part will feel like missing a part of yourself.

Although it may be the same soul, they are still housed in two different distinct people who will have experienced their own lives, trauma, experiences, and spiritual learning. This can create clashes or pressure in the relationship. Often time apart is needed to let one or both parties grow individually.

The biggest indicator that the separation of twin flames is happening is when negative vibrations and emotions begin to impact the bond. This may present as having passionate arguments and unresolved tensions. This in turn can open up old wounds and lead each person to air their insecurities.

The duration of twin flame separation differs depending on the circumstance. In some cases, it could be some days, a few weeks, or even many years. Permanent disconnect can occur due to death or due to one party becoming involved in another relationship that cannot coincide with a twin flame bond. Often though, twin souls can get back together depending on the type and level of work done during the separation.

What Causes Twin Flame Separation?

Twin flame relationships exist with such intensity and spiritual connection that they require a tremendous amount of cohesion and synchronicity by both parties to flourish. Twin flames still exist as two individual humans with all the complexities, trauma, and lived experiences, trying to get these to rub along without conflict can be challenging. As a result, a period of twin flame separation is not necessarily uncommon.

The huge emotional and psychological upheaval of requiring to be separated from your kindred spirit is often in itself traumatic for both parties but can facilitate some of the most pronounced emotional and spiritual growth needed to help the relationship in the future.

The reasons for a twin flame separation will always be unique and specific to the pairing but below is some of the broad topics can that are often referred to as a cause.

Emotional or Spiritual Immaturity

Twin flames often may have a degree of chronological age difference and this can compound differences in emotional and/or spiritual maturity between both parties. Many twin flames have documented experiences where one partner may be more developed in terms of their psychological awareness and attuned to the specific nature of a twin flame relationship while the other partner has not had enough life experience to recognize the same. This can result in a separation period to allow the other partner to work on themselves and mature before returning to the relationship in a space where they are able to fully commit.


In a similar vein to emotional maturity, a twin flame relationship requires each partner to have a fully developed sense of self. If one or both partner is unable to recognize and love themselves in the first instance, a twin flame bond can quickly present as an unhealthy level of co-dependency or play into feelings of neediness. Again, a separation is needed to let some individual work take place before moving forwards.


While it may seem insane to even consider stepping away from this one-in-a-million person that is the other half of you, sometimes the timing is just not right. Twin flames exist as two individuals and there may be key goals, actions, or pursuits that someone wants to undertake that doesn’t leave space to nurture and grow their twin flame at that time. Rather than resent each other for missed opportunities it requires faith that it will hurt tremendously to be parted but that the universe will bring you back together when the time is right.

How do you know your Twin Flame is Coming Back?

Conventional indicators that your twin flame wishes to reunite include physically contacting you via phone, email, or reaching out to meet. You may notice softening of their tone or word choice indicating they are in a place to re-explore the relationship.

Due to the deep spiritual connection, you may experience other less solid signs such as increased thoughts about your twin flame, reminders about them in the world around you, or seeing them more frequently in your dreams. This can often occur before they physically make contact and is a result of the spiritual bond being re-awakened.

Do Twin Flames always have a Separation?

If we are being really specific, twin flames never truly separate. Even when they haven’t found each other they are cosmically connected by a shared soul. Likewise, even when separated the bond can’t be broken rather it is suppressed or becomes dormant.

In reality, a period of separation occurs in nearly all twin flame journeys. As outlined above the intense nature of a twin flame bond demands a great deal of emotional and psychological commitment and growth. It is highly unlikely that both parties will be fully developed enough to cope with their bond in the early stages. This leads to a required stage of separation. Further stages of separation can occur over the lifetime of a twin flame journey to reflect the complexities and challenges each partner will face.

Can Twin Flames Forget each other?

The twin flame phenomenon is often explained as two people who are spiritually part of the same whole. Two people who are inexplicably and powerfully spiritually linked.

It stands to reason that a union or bond of this nature can not merely be forgotten. In the same way, how could you simply forget about a part of your body such as an arm or leg?  However, that is not to say that all twin flames will have smooth sailing.

As mentioned above there may be times when for one reason or another twin flames have to part ways or spend extended periods apart. What remains is that spiritual thread bonding the two parties. It is not that a twin flame can forget the other partner but rather they can work to suppress the most heightened aspects of their cosmic link over time, think of it as the link becoming somewhat dormant.

 This occurs when one or both parties choose to actively distance themselves from their spirituality. This can be a whole host of reasons and is part of the journey of life where many people will experience events that can disconnect them from higher powers.

What does Twin Flame Surrender feel like?

Many people who have found their twin flame and have gone on the journey of merging and growing with them, have written about their experience of surrendering as a twin flame.

Surrendering in a spiritual sense is often more associated with single beings, the feeling that you let go of frustrations and accept your place on a divine path that is dictated by a natural path of spiritual growth and development. This can be more challenging for twin flames as the innate desire to be in each other’s presence either physically or connected spiritually as you both go through this challenging and sometimes scary period of growth can create pressure on both parties.

It takes time and trust in each other to let go of ingrained beliefs that you have both held to date and to merge and grow at a frequency that you both feel comfortable with. Many twin flames report the pay-off for achieving surrender alongside your twin flame is an enhanced feeling of unconditional love with your twin and greater connectedness with the world as a whole.  Feelings of joy and complete contentment are the prize for those who push themselves through the process.