How To Remove Scent From Scented Candles

Have you purchased a pretty candle that fits perfectly in its space but you aren’t keen on the smell? Are you wondering if removing the scent from a scented candle is possible? Then you have come to the right place. Scented candles are great at hiding unwanted odors around the home. But what if the candle is as bad as the odor you are trying to get rid of?

We at Flame Stuff investigate if you can take the smell out of those fragrance candles. It would be such a waste to have such a lovely candle and not be able to enjoy burning it. Sometimes, candles can be a little overpowering with their scent so we also look at reducing their smell.

There are steps you can take to remove the scent from your candles. Baking soda or white vinegar are great at neutralizing smells. You can also pop your candle outside on a dry day to dull the scent. Popping the open candle on a sunny window ledge can help evaporate the oils too.

Do Scented Candles lose their smell if left open?

Scented candles are at their strongest when you first purchase them. The longer they are left unburnt, the less powerful the smell becomes. So, if you get home and decide you aren’t keen on the scent after all, simply leave it without burning. You would need to leave it unburnt for a reasonably long time to notice this reduction in the fragrance. By this, we mean 6 months, possibly a year.

Candles do degrade over time if they are left unused, although they don’t have an actual expiration date as such. The scent will be the first part of the candle that starts to deteriorate over time. This is more so the case if you leave your candle open. Most scented candles come with an airtight lid to keep them in tip-top shape.

So, if you would like your candle to be less scented, simply leave the lid off and put it near a window. The sunlight will also help with the evaporation process of the fragrance oils. How long it will take will depend on the wax that has been used. Candles that are scented will have the base, middle, and top notes – each of which will evaporate over time differently.

How do you get the Fragrance out of a Candle Jar?

Are you keen to reuse your elegant candle jar now that you have used up the candle? Some candle jars can be a really handy size for kitchen snacks. However, the last thing you want is candle-scented food. So, is it possible to get the fragrance out so you can make good use of the container?

Firstly, it is very likely there will be some wax left over. This is because you should never burn a candle down – it is safer to leave a buffer of wax at the bottom. You can read more about this in our earlier article titled; What Happens When Candles Run Out Of Wax? You can remove the leftover wax by freezing the jar. Once frozen, the wax will simply fall out.

Now you have an empty candle jar but the scent is strong, what can you do? You can try our top tips for removing candle odors.

  • Place your jar on a sunny ledge or even outdoors for a few days.
  • Both baking soda and white vinegar can help get rid of unwanted smells. Soak your candle jar for a few hours.
  • Use a mixture of coarse salt and water then shake the jar for a few minutes and clean.
  • For stronger scents, you might need to rub the coarse salt as if you were washing it by using a sponge.

And, voila, you now have a clean and scent-free candle jar ready to reuse. You can use your candle jar for a new one or something completely different.

Dulling the Scent …

There is nothing worse than a candle with a strong scent you aren’t keen on. Candles are supposed to be relaxing and calming – not destined to leave you feeling nauseous! Is there a way to perhaps dull the scent so that it is less obvious?

The first thing you can try is using our trusty friend, baking soda. Pop the candle in an airtight box and then place it inside an open box of baking soda. We all know how well soda works at neutralizing smells so this works a treat.

You can also take your candle out into the yard next time it is washing day. Just as clothes thrive from drying in the fresh air, it does wonders for a scented candle too. We aren’t promising it will get the smell out completely but it will certainly become less prominent.

Have you got any of those fantastic charcoal packs around that are great for whiffy shoes? If so, they can also work on candle scents. Simply pop the deodorizer and the candle into an airtight bag or container for a few days.

How can I change my Candle Scent?

If you are keen to use your candle and don’t want the hassle of trying to get rid of the scent, then this next bit should interest you. You can add your preferred fragrance to the candle. Do this while it is unlit and not in use. Simply, add a few drops directly onto the wax surface. Once the candle begins burning, the wick will pick up the new scent.

Should you find that the smell isn’t strong or noticeable, check your wick. If the wick is too big then the scent throw won’t be as functional as it should be. Trim the wick and you should find that the scent will be stronger. If the candle already has a scent, then try choosing another fragrance that will complement it.

How do you get the Smell out of a Candle without Burning it?

You love your candle so much that you don’t want it burning away too fast. That’s ok, you can enjoy the scent without lighting it. All you need is one surprising piece of equipment – hello, coffee warmer!

A coffee warmer means you can enjoy your scented candle without having a flame burning. You can only use candles that are in a glass jar, plastic will melt. Coffee warmers are designed to keep any hot drink or soup warm. They reach the ideal temperature for a scented candle too.

You will notice the scent in the room after approximately 30 minutes of being on the warmer. The wax melts just as it would with a flame present. It is best not to use a very strong scented candle as the warmer will intensify the fragrance.


It is worth bearing in mind that coffee warners weren’t made for this reason so do not leave them unattended. They also aren’t manufactured to be left on for long periods day after day.

How to get rid of Scented Candle Smell

You’ve been burning your candle but have now come to dislike the lingering smell a particular one leaves behind. Is there a way to get rid of the scented candle smell now? There are a few things to try if you are being bothered by a scent that is refusing to budge. Some are more eco-friendly than others.

You can simply open your windows and let the air circulate. Fresh air can do wonders for lingering candle smells. You can also turn to products such as vinegar or baking soda as a way of drawing odors from rooms. Also, coffee is your friend. If you have a coffee grinder then grind some beans. The coffee aroma will soon be all you can smell and who doesn’t love the scent of fresh coffee?

You can also do some good old-fashioned baking to fill the air with a new smell. Things like cakes or bread will smell lovely and will make some tasty treats too. Lemon or another citrus fruit can mask unwanted smells too. Boil some in a pan or just cut some slices and pop in the room with the scented candle smell.