How To Tell If a Candle Will Smell Strong – Our Tips

Purchasing or making a scented candle is a big deal. You want the perfect amount of fragrance. Too little and you will feel disappointed but too strong and it may be almost unpleasant to burn. Neither of these scenarios is ideal. Candles are known for their chilled-out vibes while also filling the room with a favorite scent.

Surely then, there must be some tell-tale signs if a candle will smell strong or weak. This is today’s topic as we take a look at all things scent-related. We look at purchasing options and things to look for that will determine the strength of the fragrance. We also talk about different fragrances and which offer the most powerful smells.

There is nothing worse than having high hopes for a candle scent and then being disappointed. The quality, type of wax, the wick, and the ratio of fragrance can affect the hot and cold scent throw. You want to choose a scent that is strong naturally such as cherry, lavender, or eucalyptus. 

What Candles Smell the Strongest?

If you are a candle lover or maker, you will be aware of the term ‘scent throw’. Scent throw refers to the strength of fragrance on the cold wax and what is released once the candle is lit. Different candles have different scent throw strengths.

How strong a candle will smell often comes down to the way it is made. This means the wax-to-fragrance ratio, candle size, and size of wick used. It goes without saying that the bigger the candle, the more scent you will enjoy. This may mean you get more scent the more money you are willing to part with. Put another way, you will need to look at some of the high-end products.

Below are some of the strongest scents for the typical candle:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Cologne fragrances
  • Black cherry
  • Balsam and cedar.
  • Spiced pumpkin

How to tell if a Candle is Strong: 5 Top Tips

What if we let you into a little secret and told you it is possible to gauge how strong a candle’s scent will be? Would you believe us? We wouldn’t lie to you. Below we share our 5 top tips on how to tell just how strong a candle’s smell will be.

1.    Sniff Before you Buy

We have our 5 senses for good reason and when it comes to candle buying, we need a good nose on us. If you lift the lid of the candle and the smell is faint, it is likely of poor quality. This means, once lit, you won’t get much of a scent throw.

2.    Size Does Matter

You need a decent burn time on a candle to get the most out of it. In this respect, the bigger the candle, the better the scent throw. It just makes sense, doesn’t it? The larger the pool of wax, the higher the ratio of scent, and the stronger the smell.

3.    Check the Label for Nasty Ingredients

In this modern day, there are ways of burning candles without letting lots of nasty chemicals into the air. There is no need to purchase a candle with petroleum in it. Go for a high-quality candle with as many natural components as possible.

4.    Don’t be Fooled by Marketing Ploys

Stay away from brands that promise you a triple scent. There is no such thing as a triple scent and it is merely a marketing term. Too much scent in a candle can clog the wick which then gives you less of a clean burn. Look for an appropriate fragrance-to-wax ratio.

5.    Touch the Wax

Give the wax a little prod as this can tell you a lot. If your finger sinks into the wax then you are most likely dealing with a lot of paraffin. On the other hand, if it feels hard then it is more likely soy-based. Paraffin isn’t great to be inhaled and often affects the candle’s pleasant aroma.

What Candle Smells Last the Longest?

It is not down to the scent choice when we talk about which smells linger the longest. It is more to do with the candle quality and how you look after it in between burns. If you take proper care of your candle then you will enjoy the aroma even once you’ve blown yours out.

Burn time is so important when it comes to candle care. Burning it for the required length of time means you get an even wax pool. An even wax pool creates a good scent throw and also keeps the burn clean. You need to also be sure and regularly trim your wick in between burn times. Failing to do this can create a lot of carbon buildup on the wick’s tip which will make it smoke. This, in turn, affects the scent you get from your candle.

You also need to consider smells in the environment that are strong and lingering. If you have chosen a candle with descriptive words such as gentle or subtle, then you won’t get a powerful smell. However, using a fragrance that is strong means it will still be in the air long after you blow out its flame. We are thinking of citrus, coffee, cinnamon and other spices, lavender, and mint.

How do I get the Fragrance to Smell Stronger?

You might be a candle maker and wish to experiment a little with the fragrance. Perhaps you are a little disappointed with the lack of scent and wish to make it stronger. Is this even possible? It sure is, you just need a little patience, a little time, and be willing to play around a little to establish your best technique.

Make sure you use the correct fragrance to wax ratio for the size of the candle. Ensure you stir it all together thoroughly but not too vigorously. Also, stick to a good quality oil rather than choosing a cheap brand.

You might also be an avid candle fan and looking for the best tips to ensure you get the best scent possible. This is possible too – below we share some ways to get the smell out of your candle.

  • Let it burn for a good time – refer to the instructions for the ideal burn time.
  • Small candles need to be in a small room to get the best results. Save big candles for big rooms.
  • Look after the wick by trimming it after each burn.
  • Place away from an open window otherwise the scent will be drawn to the breeze instead of the room.
  • Choose a good quality candle.
  • Allow the wax to melt evenly on the top, all the way to the edges.

This YouTube video below shares some of the best ways to get the most out of your scented candle.

How to Make a Candle Smell Without Lighting it

Lastly, we look at ways you can enjoy your scented candle without lighting it. You might wish to do this for safety reasons or to be a bit more eco-friendly savvy.

One of the most popular ways of doing this is by using a coffee warmer. Simply plug it in and place the candle on it. It works much in the same way as a wax melt does. Just make sure you only ever place a glass container on the warmer, nothing else. Also bear in mind that it wasn’t made for this purpose so it’s best to avoid doing this repeatedly or over a long period of time.

Candles have a cold and a hot throw. This means you still get a scent from the candle when it is not in use. Simply take the lid off and you should be able to enjoy a more subtle version of your candle. If you have a fan circulating in the same room then this can enhance the scent too. Again, the stronger the scent, the more it will smell even without its flame.