What Are Bubble Candles? A Complete Guide

Candles are one of those timeless features that most households own. They make a decorative statement, some have a pleasing scent and they create a calm ambiance. Bubble candles possess all these qualities and more. They have increased in popularity during 2022, thanks in part to apps such as TikTok and Instagram.

As well as having a pleasing scent, they also look stunning as a part of the home decor, even when not in use. The unusual bubble effect just gives those candles a touch of elegance yet a quirkiness about them too. They are super easy to make using a bubble mold meaning you can be creative at home.

By the time you have finished reading this article, you will be a font of knowledge on all things bubble candle-related. If you haven’t purchased or made your own yet, we think this complete guide on bubble candles will have you itching to explore them.

Bubble candles are a fairly new trend that has rapidly gained momentum. They are cubed shaped with a bubble effect making up the candle exterior and interior. They have a dual purpose of being burnt or purely kept as an arty piece of decor. They burn for longer than the average candle.

What are Bubble Candles used for?

Candles are used for the obvious purpose of burning. However, due to their unique appearance, they also make stunning decorative pieces. Even without lighting bubble candles, you can still enjoy their subtle scent around your home. They are also becoming widely used in special events such as wedding receptions. They tend to burn for a little longer than your traditional candle, making them more economical.

What do Bubble Candles look like?

The clue is very much in their name – these unique candles have a bubble effect. They are artier than your average candle and brighten up any space. They most frequently take the shape of a cube and range from small to large. The most popular ones are the 27 bubble pieces which consist of three balls with three layers on each side. You can buy miniature bubble candles which consist of 8 bubbles in rows of 2.

They commonly have a single wick to burn but some do consist of 3 wicks. These candles double up as decorative items for the home and come in a range of colors.

How do you burn Bubble Candles?

Bubble candles can be left untouched as purely ornamental objects. However, they are also wonderful to watch burning. When you light a bubble candle, the wick burns through the middle, creating a tunnel effect. This leaves the sides untouched so after the wick has burnt out, you can still enjoy the shape of the candle. It is important to keep it on an even surface so that the wax in the center melts evenly.

How to Burn a 3-Wick Bubble Candle?

Some bubble candles have a single wick, others have 3 wicks. When you have a 3-wick bubble candle, it is essential to burn all 3 the first time you use it. This is so you can create that desired even surface on the wax to assist all future burns. You should also aim to trim your wicks before their first use. Try and trim the wick from between ⅛” to ¼” so that they are all even.

Are Bubble Candles Popular?

Bubble candles are a relatively new trend, made popular on several social media platforms. For their unique appearance and burn time, they are reasonably priced too. You can buy a good-sized one for around $10. They are loved due to their quirky look and bring something a bit different into the home, From afar, they could be regarded as an ornament, not a candle, due to their intricate bubble design

Venues that hold weddings and birthdays are beginning to see this bubble candle craze. They look fantastic as a centerpiece and are a talking point amongst the guests. Thanksgiving and Christmas are other occasions to get these bad boys out.

How long do Bubble Candles take to Set?

Bubble candles can be made in the comfort of your home. One of the questions most frequently asked is how long they take to set. Of course, much of this will depend on the size of the mold. Generally speaking though, 4 to 5 hours will be the right length of time. If you are in any doubt then leave them to set overnight.

Do Bubble Candles Melt?

Before lighting your bubble candle, be sure to place it on a heat-safe plate or another suitable surface. The candle will melt its way down the middle following the wick to create a tunnel. Once it reaches the base of the wick, it will burn out. Once it has burnt out you can place a tealight into the hollow section. Of course, you can choose not to melt it at all and just use it for decoration.

What Kind of Wax do you use for Bubble Candles?

Should you wish to make your own bubble candle, you need to be aware of the type of wax to use. Soy wax is cost-effective compared to other types on the market. It also has a slower burn time than other waxes. It is 100% natural too as it is made from soybeans. Soy wax is popular among those with allergies too. You can also use paraffin wax which holds the scent well and can be used alongside candle dyes.

How do you Wick a Bubble Candle?

Bubble candles can have a single or multiple wicks. For a singular wick, make a hole in the center of the mold. They may come with a hole already in them so check first. Thread the wick through the hole and use a hairpin or similar to keep the wick in place. You can then turn the mold upside down and balance it in a large cup or similar. This means the wick won’t get damaged and stays in place.

Should you wish to create a 3-wick bubble candle then you follow the same steps as above. However, you will first need to create a template of the candle so you know exactly where to thread your three wicks. Once the candle has set, trim the wicks so they are equal in length.

Can you Light a Bubble Candle?

The beauty of a bubble candle is its versatility. You can light them and enjoy their relaxing glow on those chilly evenings. They burn for a pleasing amount of time and are calming to watch. Even once the wick has burnt out, you can still keep them alive by placing a tealight in the center.

Of course, you do not need to ever light them. You can simply have them as part of your decor, and why not? They look very appealing on the coffee table and you can still enjoy their subtle fragrance.

If you intend to light yours then make sure you use a plate or similar underneath. Some bubble candles have a burn time of 15 hours so you can enjoy these new delights for several evenings.

Why is my Bubble Candle not Melting Evenly?

Due to the design of the cube bubble candle, the flame should burn following the wick down. This means the sides of the candle wax remain intact and why it can double up as an ornament after use. Or you can reuse it by placing a tealight in the space left by the melted wax.

If you find your bubble candle is not melting evenly then it can be for two main reasons. Remember, it is all about that first burn so make sure you trim each wick so that they are even in size. Also, you need to have the candle placed on a completely flat surface while it is burning. It is also worth pointing out that these candles are handmade so a few imperfections shouldn’t come as a surprise.

How to Make a Bubble Candle at Home

Follow our steps below to make your own stunning bubble candle. First, though, you will need a few important things.

For making a bubble candle you will need:

  • 150g soy wax
  • Cotton wicks
  • Thermometer
  • Silicone bubble candle mold
  • Saucepan
  • Scales
  • Essential oils
  • Protective gloves
  • Dye flakes
  • Stainless steel jar
Make your own Bubble Candles


  1.  Get your mold and pierce the hole where you want the wick to be
  2. Thread the wick through and secure it in place
  3. You can then pop the mold with the wick facing down into a bowl or large mug
  4. Boil half a pan of water on the stove
  5. Measure out the wax and pop it into the stainless steel jar
  6. The jar can be placed into the pan with boiling water
  7. Leave the wax in the pan until it has melted
  8. Take the jar out and at this point, you can add the dye if you wish to
  9. Any fragrances can be added at this time too
  10. The wax now needs to cool slightly. Using your thermometer, measure until it drops to 45℃
  11. At this point, you can pour the wax into your desired mold carefully
  12. Let it cool for a minimum of 4 hours, or overnight
  13. Wearing some gloves, remove the candle from its mold carefully and slowly
  14. Leave the candle to cool a little while longer
  15. Trim the wick and you can burn it if you like or keep it as a decorative piece