What Happens When Twin Flames Unite? Before and After

Twin Flame relationships are journeys that can be complex, and tiring, yet ultimately rewarding. From initial yearning and seeking your Twin Flame out to that firework moment of physically colliding.  That is not where the story ends though. You can’t possibly have the intense and progressive spiritual connection associated with Twin Flames without some more challenging times.

From separations to reunions and everything in between, in this article, we will address some of the most common areas of interest in relation to what happens before and after that initial twin flame meeting.

When Twin Flames physically unite, this starts a journey of shared spiritual, psychological, and personal growth. It is when two halves of the same soul which resides in two different people find each other. The journey afterward can include various times of separation and reunion over a lifetime.

What Happens when Two Flames Meet?

Some people may think that your Twin Flame journey starts when you finally meet your other half. However, this is not the case.  Twin Flames are born as two halves of the same soul in separate bodies. That means the connection actually exists once they are both born.

Of course, in childhood, each person has not developed enough of a sense of self-awareness yet to recognize any feelings or pulls in regard to their Twin Flame. Those who grow up and go on to find their Twin Flame often speak of a sensation that “something was missing” but having known nothing else, assumed everyone felt like this.

When Twin Flames do finally physically meet this is the culmination of years of twists and turns, of energy guiding each other, and ultimately the fates conspiring to bring them together. The initial meeting phase can have a massive impact on both partners. This is your soul finding its missing piece and can result in overwhelming feelings of love, joy, and completeness but often can inspire feelings of fear and vulnerability.

When two Twin Flames do unite a successful pairing should foster spiritual growth and personal improvement in both partners. Energies should begin to align, and this is what makes a Twin Flame partnership such a powerhouse.

Five Signs your Twin Flame Reunion is Near

As Twin Flames are considered a soul, that was once one, split into two people the first physical meeting is still referred to as a reunion. While it is the first physical time they have met, their souls already know each other and are being reunited.

Signs that you are soon to meet your Twin Flame go beyond just thoughts that there is someone out there looking for you or that you are being drawn to someone. The universe itself is conspiring to bring the pair of you together so you can expect some wider signs in daily life that a Twin Flame union may be approaching. The five most common signs are:

  • Out of the blue changes

You may be happily living your life, following the path that you set for yourself when a big change or a series of cumulative smaller changes leave you feeling off-kilter or unsettled. Essentially your life as it was hadn’t brought your Twin Flame to you so something is going to have to change to bring them into your life.

This can be disconcerting and a period of anxiety especially if you are not aware of the Twin Flame concept or that you are due to enter a new stage in your life.

  • Your dreams become vivid or strange

Sleep is an interesting state, where your unconscious mind is in the driving seat. Your unconscious mind is often much more attuned to more subtle shifts in energy. If your Twin Flame connection is awakening and your partner is reaching out this may present in your dreams.

As your link is not fully established these dreams can be strange and contain only partial information. Depending on where you are in your own spirituality you may not be familiar with the concept of interpreting your dreams and what they could mean.

  • You are advised of your Twin Flame identity by another

Many people may notice a shift in their spirituality or energy and seek guidance from other spiritual advisors. Those with an affinity for auras, spiritual energy, or psychic gifts can often identify if someone is one half of a Twin Flame or are about to embark on a massive life change such as meeting their Twin Flame.

  • You find renewed interest in your passions

As you come closer to meeting your Twin Flame, they will already be having an impact on you from afar. Many people mention that in the months prior to meeting their Twin Flame they have a feeling of increased energy and a renewed passion for creative or spiritual pursuits.

Some go as far as to say they feel like they begin to “wake up” from their life that was and feel on the brink of an exciting new change,

  • You begin to feel “someone” or “something” is with you

A Twin Flame connection is more than just physical. This means that as the time comes closer for you to meet, you begin to become aware of things like their energy and emotions.

While the concept of feeling someone is there when you are alone could initially be perceived as scary or confusing, many Twin Flames discuss the immediate feeling of love and care they feel.

This bond can be a double-edged sword though as just as you can pick up on their positive emotions you can also begin to feel their sensations of fear and worry. This can awaken an almost primal desire to seek them out and help. This can be a source of frustration when you haven’t yet found them or you are going through a period of separation.

Twin Flame First Meeting Signs

We meet hundreds, if not thousands of people over a lifetime. Is there a chance you could meet your Twin Flame and not know?  It all depends on whether it is the right time.

In some instances, your path may have already crossed with your Twin Flame but if neither of you were in the right place for the intense nature of a Twin Flame reunion then your energies may not have recognized each other.

When you meet your Twin Flame at the right time there are some common sensations that people have shared.

  • Feeling like you have known them a lifetime even after a short time
  • People remarking on similarities in your and your Twin Flame’s mannerisms, behaviors, and style
  • Sharing similar beliefs in big areas such as religion, politics, or personal values
  • Ease of company that you may never experience in the same way with anyone else.

What are the Stages of Twin Flame Reunion?

In terms of the whole Twin Flame journey, there have been 8 stages identified. However, how long each pair spend in each stage or whether they in fact achieve all 8 stages is different for each partnership.

  • Stage 1 – Longing or yearning

You become aware of aching feelings that a part of you is missing and consciously or otherwise send energy out into the universe looking to call this person to you. You may feel your Twin Flame’s feelings of longing too.

  • Stage 2 – Passing meetings or catching a glimpse

You may see your Twin Flame in your dreams or even begin to recognize a person’s face more readily in a crowd. Feelings that you are seeing this person everywhere. You may even briefly cross paths, but time is not just right, it is a sign it is not far away though.

  • Stage 3 – Meeting and becoming united

You meet your Twin Flame and the intense love you feel for each other will awaken. This initial intensity can be dizzying and euphoric.

  • Stage 4 – Establishing your bond and getting to know each other

Once the initial high subsides, the hard work starts to begin to establish and nurture your new bond. This is a period of joy as you discover shared interests and push each other to achieve greater spiritual awareness

  • Stage 5 – The challenge

Just as you share the same strengths, your Twin Flame can also have similar weaknesses or challenges. Having a mirror of your soul can hold up flaws. This can be difficult for one or both partners.

  • Stage 6 – The chase/ separation

It all becomes too much, one or both partners need to work on themselves in order for the relationship to flourish. Eventually, one person runs, they reject the relationship, and turn away. That leaves the other partner in the role of the chaser.

  • Stage 7 – The surrender

The yearning to be re-united outweighs any desire to continue running or resisting. Each partner returns to the relationship better for the growth that the challenge of being without one another fostered.

  • Stage 8 – The reunion

This is the ultimate success of a Twin Flame union. You have returned to each other after hardship, you can put aside individual trauma and push each other to be the best you can be.

Sadly, individual circumstances can prevent, or cause break down in a Twin Flame journey and not all will achieve physical reunion after separation. This can be for a variety of reasons including one partner being unable to engage in the spiritual growth needed due to other factors such as trauma or other negative relationships. It is worth remembering though while the journey may be disrupted Twin fFames will remain irrevocably linked for the entirety of life. They cannot “stop” being two halves of the same soul.

Twin Flame Signs and Symptoms

We have spoken above around the huge spiritual and psychological impact of searching for, meeting and being separated from your Twin Flame but such a once in a lifetime event relationship also exerts powerful and varied physical symptoms.

Physical Signs of Twin Flame Reunion

We have discussed the emotional or psychological aspects of someone meeting their Twin Flame but there are also physical signs reported. These are just another aspect that mark out this person to you as something beyond a normal friendship or relationship.

Physical symptoms reported when first meeting your Twin Flame have included:

  • Feeling of tingling and warmth – especially in the region of your heart chakra
  • Physically feeling of being tugged or guided towards them across the room or space
  • Feelings of warmth or electricity when touching or embracing your twin flame

Twin Flame Pain

Twin Flame relationships can result in some of the happiest times of your life but unfortunately there often is some more challenging times associated with such an in-depth spiritual and emotional connection.  A period of separation is nearly inevitable in all Twin Flame journeys and this brings about some big feelings and even physical pain.

While initially it may seem unusual that the emotional and spiritual trauma of being separated can impact the body, the link between mind body and soul is a key concept in Twin Flame theory. The pain of being separated from the other half of your soul will be felt not just in your heart but an array of physical symptoms.

Chaser Pain

The concept of the “runner” and “chaser” is a way to describe the dynamic that occurs when one partner pulls away from the relationship and actively distances themselves from their Twin Flame. The “runner” refers to the partner that leaves and the one who is left is referred to as the “chaser”.

It is important to understand that the “chaser” may not be physically following their partner, they are chasing the relationship. The chaser is actively wanting the relationship to re-establish, and the loss of their Twin Flame will weigh heavily on them while they are parted.

People who have experienced the pain of being a “chaser” in their Twin Flame journey have shared the pain they have felt in this stage.

  • Emotional pain

Chasers describe emotional pain with common symptoms being a sense of incompleteness, obsessive or intrusive thoughts about their Twin Flame, depression, and worry.

  • Physical pain

The stress and psychological exertion the chaser experiences can result in physical symptoms such as loss of appetite, headaches, muscle ache, lethargy or disrupted sleep. In prolonged periods of separation some Twin Flame “chasers” may begin to lean on unhelpful coping strategies which can include alcoholism, substance misuse or other self-destructive behaviours.

Heart Chakra Pain

The heart chakra plays an important part in the spirituality of Twin Flames. This is one of the 7 chakras, which are anergy centers that run throughout the body. Each chakra has different properties but the heart chakra, which is situated in the middle of the chest is the centre of love, compassion and empathy.

Your heart chakra is fulfilled with the love of others so the concept that someone as important as your Twin Flame has pulled away is extremely damaging to it. This can present as physical sensations in and around your heart and chest. This can feel like a heavy, dull ache.

For the Twin Flame that has pulled back into a period of separation this can be as a result of their heart chakra being blocked by negative experience or energy. This means they will not be in a place to open up fully to the Twin Flame journey, hence they pull away as they are not in a position to handle it.

Solar Plexus Pain

The solar plexus is another example of one of the 7 chakras. The solar plexus is situated in the centre of the torso and resides just above the belly up to the start of the breastbone. This chakra is aligned to individual’s sense of self, their core being and sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

It is understandable that this chakra feels pummelled should your Twin Flame leave. During the union stages of the Twin Flame journey partners can feel a sensation that they are spiritually tied together by a ribbon or silver thread, when one partner rejects the other the bond is severed.

This can cause physical pain in and around the abdomen, with some people describe a permanently sinking feeling in their stomachs or that they have been gut punched.

Back Pain

Upper back pain including shoulder or arm pain even when you have no physical injury is often associated with the phenomena of separation sickness in Twin Flames. The cause of this ache is related to experiencing a “heart pull”. When separated from your Twin Flame your heart can literally be reaching out through your body either being pulled towards your partner or trying to pull them in.

The tremendous energy associated with these big feelings and sensations can take a physical toll on the body.