What Is A Tower Moment For Twin Flames?

A Twin Flame relationship is described as two halves of the same spiritual soul living in two separate bodies. They are inexplicably drawn together over a lifetime but even such a cosmic bond is not without challenging times. In this article, we will look at the concept of tower moments and what that means as part of the Twin Flame journey.

While the process can be overwhelming a tower moment is part of natural life and growth and can be a catalyst for great personal learning and shared development. Just like many of the most challenging situations that we encounter in life, it is often the fact that we are capable of making it through much harder situations than we expect. For Twin Flames this is particularly relevant as it requires immense trust to open yourself to going through this alongside another person.

A tower moment is a critical point in a Twin Flame relationship. It is a moment of shared growth, where the partnership is faced with a moment of uncertainty and change. It can be tumultuous and sometimes overwhelming but often strengthens the relationship.

What is a Tower Moment?

A tower moment can be described as a pivotal time in your life, that point where everything seems in disarray and the ground is slipping beneath your feet. It can be when everything seems to be crashing down around you. In this frightening time when it feels like all you have known, all your hopes and dreams are crumbling there is actually an opportunity for personal growth.

When all the extras are stripped back and the path you thought you were traveling has disappeared many people are forced to find inner strength that they may never have known they actually had.

A tower moment for a Twin Flame partnership is based on the same principle. It is when the partnership reaches a crossroads in their paths. When the initial physical bond is reduced, feelings of distancing may be occurring and a concerted choice has to be made by both parties as to how to proceed. This can be a period of immense emotional turbulence and increased feelings of vulnerability.

Examples of Twin Flame tower moments can include a point where you are both going through spiritual growth but may be physically apart for various reasons. One or both parties will need to make the life-altering choice to relocate in order to advance the connection further.

Another example could be part of the Twin Flame separation stage, which occurs in many Twin Flame journeys. There may be a pivotal point where decisions must be made as to whether to re-unite or continue apart.

The key thing is a tower moment means a big change is occurring soon.

What does a Tower Moment feel like?

Many Twin Flames reflect on their tower moment as a necessary period of pain or upheaval which ultimately results in growth. In the instances that a tower moment is key in reuniting a Twin Flame partnership many report shared learning and enhanced understanding of both themselves and their other half.

In Twin Flame journeys, so much is about unity and shared connectivity. A tower moment returns some individuality in that it forces each partner to draw not just on each other’s strength but to find what they can muster individually. Tower moments individually or as part of a Twin Flame journey are about facing something really scary and coming through the other side. The old adage: “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is perhaps a good sentiment to describe the tower moment situation. Others may describe it as a moment of standing on a precipice and mustering up the confidence to jump or not, as the case may be. The feeling of uncertainty can be scary but exhilarating.

How long does a Tower Moment last?

Tower moments are as individual as the Twin Flame partnerships they happen within. Broadly speaking you are effectively always building toward a tower moment, every step, decision, or choice you and your Twin Flame make can drive you tin the direction of a critical moment.

In terms of the actual bones of the tower moment and any choices that are made, this is more of a present, real-time change rather than lengthy development. It’s that tipping point where something or someone has to change.

For some pairings, this could all occur in a few weeks with continued learning and growth occurring as a result of the decision in weeks after. For others, a tower moment may occur in a chunk of time within a lengthier Twin Flame separation. This could be months where back and forth occurs as both partners try to find their rhythm both as themselves and as part of the Twin Flame journey.

How do you know you are on a Twin Flame journey?

The Twin Flame journey is a spiritual path that sets you on a voyage to find the other half of your soul. This is more than just a friendship or romantic relationship it is an intense spiritual bond. In discussing the phenomena with people who have experienced it, there are certain stages that appear fairly universal and are good indicators that you are on a Twin Flame journey.

  • Preparing and longing

This is the first stage which can be lengthy. Some people do not actually locate their Twin Flame for years. In this stage people who are on a path to finding their Twin Flame report feelings of an aching “void” or that “something is missing”. They can’t explain why, even if their life appears full of friends and family, there is just a nagging feeling that someone is missing.

  • Restless waiting

Endlessly waiting for someone that hasn’t appeared can be incredibly frustrating. This forces people to look inward and re-examine their perspective. This can lead to a shift to a more positive outlook or feelings of anticipation that this special person will come.

  • A feeling that change is coming

It may be imperceptible, and it cannot be defined but in this period you feel a shift that your person is coming. You may even begin to pick up on some of the energy, feelings, or emotions of your Twin Flames as the fates conspire to bring you together.

  • The Twin Flame union

The moment you have been waiting for, the moment when you finally cross paths with your person. Your missing puzzle piece, your kindred spirit, your other half.

Twin Flames often instantly recognize each other, feeling drawn to each other as if you have known each other for a lifetime. This is only the start of a Twin Flame journey though. While early stages can be intense and exhilarating as the relationship matures you can expect a critical tower moment and even a period of separation. Ultimately though you will be forever bonded with your Twin Flame.

Is a Tower Moment always bad?

Although the emotional upheaval and trauma of a tower moment, makes many Twin Flames shudder at the thought of repeating it. Many would reflect that they are ultimately glad it occurred. There are certain things that you can only learn about yourself and your partner when you are put under pressure or in a challenging situation. It is where the truest versions of yourselves are shown.